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A fascination with industry, large-scale machinery and the environments in which they can be found have formed the basis of several narratives within my work over the past three years, which has often been underpinned by an awareness of ecological concerns and the adverse effects that these processes may have on the environment.

In the context of my recent practice I have come to realize that my interests regarding creativity are both challenged and stimulated from being alienated or exiled from the mainstream, and as an environmentalist and maker I am able to use jewellery as an unconventional platform to communicate my concerns.

A recurring theme to feature within a lot of my work is the idea of entropy, the degradation and decay of placed systems which may now only serve as dystopian remnants foreshadowing of what a path of inaction may eventually lead too.

How parts can be put together and how mechanisms provide movement or function is important within my work. Consisting primarily of small component based parts that join together to form a whole, going from individually crafted pieces to larger intricate mechanical objects. Often made from wood and supported with the use of found objects and supporting materials that have existing connotations to the narrative.


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